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When you arrive in Aurora, you will check in to receive your wine glasses and Aurora Bucks at the Old Aurora Colony Museum -opens at 10am). 

Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy Aurora.  Many shops begin opening at 10am with the event and wine pouring beginning at 11am.  You will be given your Passport which will include a map location of the wine/chocolate tasting locations and a bag that includes wine glasses and “Aurora Bucks”, coupons that you can spend during the day.

The tasting locations are scattered around Aurora’s historic downtown and all but two are within easy walking distance of each other.  While you travel between these stops, you can take in the whole of Aurora’s shopping and sightseeing.  You will travel at your own pace and see as many shops as you wish.  A public restroom is in the center of this area.  (Two locations are several blocks from the downtown center and have ample parking, Aurora Historic Art Gallery and Pacific Hazelnuts Candy Factory.  They are neighboring and are located on Hwy 99E.  While they may be accessed by walking through residential Aurora, you may want to drive to save that time for seeing more of Aurora’s shops.)

Wear clothing appropriate to the weather and comfortable walking shoes. Parking is available throughout town; park on the street or in one of the marked Event Parking areas within this five-square-block radius.  (You will not need to move your car around.)  A public restroom is located in the center of this area at 2nd Street & Main Street.

The shops have a variety of goods and decor for holiday shopping.  Your Aurora Bucks Coupons may be used on merchandise in town.  Each Aurora Bucks coupon is worth $3 off of any purchase of at least $10 or more and can be used on food in the eateries as well as retail goods.

Aurora has several places to get additional refreshment and lunch during the event.  These include Scatter Creek Junction, Christa’s Cafe, The Colony Pub, White Rabbit Bakery and Filberts Farmhouse Restaurant.  If you’d like to have a fun dinner after the event, visit nearby eateries such as Langdon Farms Grill, Filberts or The Kitchen at Aurora Colony Vineyards.

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